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My Direction

Until I discovered coaching, I tried a number of different ways or vehicles to find expression. From academic pursuits to learning to play the piano at a late age to climbing the corporate ladder. 

My core purpose was always bubbling underneath the surface as fuel for my actions: I always wanted to develop myself constantly and consciously, and inspire others to do the same.



to facilitate self-awareness so that individuals may recognise and stretch toward their ever-expanding potential 

I enjoyed trying new things and learning more about my self but it would not be long before I would become disheartened. I now realise the reason for this is because none of these previous vehicles took into account my values, strengths and purpose.












It was only when I had clarity about my values, strengths, and purpose that I could start to think about how I could best maximise my potential and experience fulfilment. I participated in a psychological test registered with the British Psychological Society and scored what was described a "rare" 10/10 for consistency. The test results confirmed my key strengths.











Once I became clear about why I'm here, what's important to me and what I'm good at, I had a new conscious direction for my life; a roadmap that I could reference when making decisions.

My Vehicle

With a clear direction of where I was headed and why, I just needed to figure out how I was going to get there. The vehicle I chose had to honour my values, utilise my strengths and support my purpose.

When I became aware of the coaching principles of self-discovery, growth, fulfilment and purpose, my core resonated with excitement. I'd found my vehicle.

I love coaching because it enables me to contribute to the growth of individuals and teams. I'm able to utilise my strengths and help my clients explore new ways of thinking that challenge limiting beliefs and unravel ways forward to achieve desired results. I empower people through a process of self-discovery and responsibility - and I feel fulfilled in the process.

Coaching enables me to live out my purpose, align with my values and utilise my strengths.

My Drive

Coaching is a skill-based profession that requires the right sort of competencies and when done right, has the power to transform lives beyond recognition.

My deep value for growth and excellence impels me to continuously improve; to lead from the front and provide the most effective coaching experience for my clients. 

I want to support the transformation of people's lives from good to great; average to amazing; indifferent to inspirational. 

I love coaching because it enables me to contribute to the growth of individuals and teams.

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