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Through a process of collaborative conversation and transformational coaching frameworks, I help people gain clarity on their direction, align with their purpose and expand their impact.

My coaching practice has a focus on the following areas:

Your roadmap towards your desired destination; the basis for why you do what you do.
Clarify what you want and most importantly why you want it.
Clarify what your future destination will enable you to be, do and have.
Clarify a roadmap that will move you forward in the right direction.
How you move toward your desired reality.
Align your purpose and core values with your actions and be passionate​.
Align your competencies with your craft to maximise output and efficiency.
Align your interests with the way you impact the world and be authentic.
The persistent pursuit of growth beyond new thresholds of limiting beliefs.
Expand continuously beyond what you believe is possible​ and grow in confidence.
Expand in all areas of your life to experience balance
and wellbeing.
Expand your impact and inspire more people.
The basis of my coaching practice is for you to increase your
awareness & responsibility
You'll stretch beyond your comfort zone, resulting in 
growth & impact 
You'll feel a sense of
fulfilment & wellbeing

Mike is very positive and encourages you to be the best most realistic version of yourself and wants you to do well, to succeed and to achieve whilst motivating you.

He’s knowledgable, engaging, interested and patient with you and wants you to achieve your goals.

It’s insightful and I look forward to my coaching sessions.

Andy Pearson


Edinburgh, Scotland

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