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A Discovery Session is an opportunity for you to experience the clarifying effects of coaching, discuss an outcome you'd like to achieve in your life and address any challenges you may be facing.

If you would like to get a sense of what it would be like to be coached by me, click the button below and schedule a Discovery Coaching Session.

WHAT will we cover in the session?

✔︎  We'll discuss your existing challenges and your desired results.



✔︎  Determine what's important to you about your desired results.


✔︎  Review any barriers or obstacles to you achieving what you want.

✔︎  Identify your available resources and options for achieving your desired results.



✔︎  Strategise a plan of action to move you forward with your ambitions.


✔︎  The initial meeting will last up to 1 hour.

✔︎  It's free and there's no obligation to hire me after the call.

✔︎  Come with an open mind.

✔︎  Expect to be coached.

✔︎  Prepare to be challenged.


✔︎  An opportunity to experience what it will be like working with me as your coach.

✔︎  A sense of the powerful introspection a coaching conversation will give you.


✔︎  A chance to ask any questions you may have about me or coaching in general.


✔︎  An opportunity to see if we have rapport before you commit to hire me.


✔︎  A sense of what it's like to have full support and encouragement for your big dreams.


✔︎  An opportunity to demonstrate my skills as a highly effective coach.


✔︎  The pleasure of introducing people to the powerful benefits of coaching.



✔︎  The joy of witnessing someone shift their thinking and develop new perspectives.



✔︎  I get to satisfy my value of contribution by offering introductory coaching.



✔︎  An opportunity to build a relationship and invite you to become a client.

reported benefits from THE first session:

✔︎  Increased self-awareness.

✔︎  Invigorated motivation to achieve results.

✔︎  Improved clarity on wants and a direction forward.

✔︎  Paradigm shifts and new perspectives.

✔︎  Boost in self-confidence.


Having a sounding board is so useful. 


I don’t think most people understand the value of a coach but I do - someone who gets to know you well but is able to get you to really consider different elements of yourself.

I wanted to talk out some of my fears with a friendly independent person and we did that.

Gill Marsh

Project Manager

Cambridgeshire, England

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